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What we do

We provide tenants with an innovative and comprehensive service in a supportive and respectful environment. We aim to encourage and empower clients and support their journey towards living an independent and fulfilled life.

We provide different types of housing, bedsits, shared housing and single person housing. If people progress to the point where they no longer require our help and are ready to maintain their own property, Phoenix staff will support them in obtaining their own tenancy and will work alongside them during the transition period.

Our Staff provide help with managing the issues of day to day life including budgeting, attending medical appointments and dealing with emotional and practical issues. They see tenants regularly and provide additional support when required - this may include being signposted to the relevant agencies. On occasions our staff will work closely with community nurses, attend reviews and liaise with appropriate networks.


As a housing provider, we decorate and maintain our properties and gardens where applicable. We also provide furniture and fittings where required. Our tenants are responsible for cleaning and keeping their homes tidy.


We endeavour to help residents move to more independent accommodation, if this is appropriate, but we have also moved residents who have become frail, to housing that meets their needs. 

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