Phoenix Homes Colchester

Annual Review 2019-2020


Chair: Jean Mallett

Phoenix Homes Colchester.  Registered Charity No. 1119817 and Company Limited by Guarantee No. 6205036, registered in England and Wales


This has been a year of consolidating our services while working to improve our income to enable us to continue to support our current residents and look to assisting more people in the future.

Tania, our Chief Executive obtained another post and left at the end of June.  The reduced size of the organisation, following the cessation of our Alcohol Services, did not warrant recruiting a new Chief Executive and it was not prudent to recruit any further staff until our financial future was secure.

We were fortunate to have our experienced Housing Team of Gail, Anne-E and Tom who were happy to manage the day to day running of the service, with the current resident numbers.   A huge thanks goes to them for working together to ensure our residents received an excellent service, throughout the year.

We also employed Genny on a freelance basis to undertake additional tasks such as updating our website and Board Members provided advice, guidance and input when required.   This all worked well and I would like to thank everyone for their support.

 At the end of the previous year we contracted with a charity to help us increase our rental income which was no longer meeting our costs. During this year all our work came to fruition and we achieved a substantial increase, allowing us to go into next year fully funded and with the option of expanding and helping more people.

At the end of the year the country went into lockdown due to Covid19 and we set up an appropriately socially distanced service which ensured residents received the support they required while keeping them and staff safe.

Jean Mallett


What we do

Our Supported Housing project provides people with mental health and/or mild learning disabilities with a home environment that encourages and enables them to lead full and independent lives. Phoenix Homes Colchester (PHC) staff manage the houses and provide support to residents.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the relief of hardship and the protection of persons with mental health issues and mild learning disabilities, through the provision of supported housing accommodation.

We provide clients with an innovative and comprehensive service in a supportive and respectful environment. We aim to encourage and empower clients and support their journey towards living an independent and fulfilled life.


Our Vision

Our vision is that vulnerable people in North Essex are housed, and effectively supported in their pursuit of personal goals.



Summary Statement of Financial Activities

































The summarised figures on this page are extracted from the draft annual reports and financial statements. To allow for a fuller understanding of the financial affairs of the charity the full financial statements and the Independent Examiner's report on those financial statements should be consulted. Copies can be obtained from the address on the front cover of this review.      Lesley Frearson, Company Secretary




Financial Review

After some years of financial challenge, we again went into the start of 2019/20 with a far from positive financial outlook.  Our budgets showed a significant loss for the year with expenditure relating to our housing stock and supporting our residents far exceeding the rental income we received.  We engaged a specialist organisation during the year who reviewed our rent charges which had only been increased very modestly for a number of years.  This enabled us to increase our rental charges to a level that was much more in line with current market rates and allows us to cover our costs going forward.  These increases took effect during the year after offsetting the costs associated with this income review exercise we generated a deficit of £17,817.  We also received a large legacy during the year from the estate of a former resident and this combined with some minor expenditure relating to the alcohol project from the previous year resulted in a small deficit overall of £2,715.  2019/20 was a year of financial consolidation and the work undertaken during the year has resulted in a much stronger financial outlook heading into 2020/21.

Lesley Frearson, Company Secretary



Supported Housing

This year has been very busy welcoming new residents and moving some residents within Phoenix.   In May 2019 we had a new resident arrive to fill the vacancy at Straight Road.  This gentleman has settled in very well with the other residents at the property.


Whilst a flat was empty at Charles Court we were able to refurbish the property, installing a new fitted kitchen, carrying out electrical work, decorating and refurnishing.  This was completed ready for a lady from Straight Road to move from a first-floor bedsit to a ground floor flat.  This left us with a vacancy at Straight Road. In September we were able to welcome a new gentleman to this property bringing Straight Road to full capacity.


At the beginning of this year 2020, the elderly lady who had moved to Charles Court became unwell and was admitted to hospital. This lady had lived with Phoenix Homes for 28 years, but sadly due to health issues she was unable to return to living independently with us. She is now living in a care home where she enjoys being looked after.  A gentleman moved from a bedsit at Straight Road to the vacant flat and he is doing extremely well.


Some of our residents, who have lived with Phoenix for many years, now need more support from Phoenix staff, e.g. accompanying them to medical appointments. We are working closely with Health Care Services to ensure these residents can benefit from any available help and services to meet their needs. 


The team have worked very hard this year with facilitating resident moves, continual maintenance work and refurbishment of properties.  

At the end of the financial year we had one vacancy in a bedsit at Straight Road.

 Gail James,   Housing Co-ordinator

What we do

Phoenix Supported Housing provides accommodation to people struggling with long term mental health issues and mild learning disabilities. Our support enables residents to live independently and take control of their lives.

We take referrals from individuals seeking support, as well as from agencies, partner organisations and other charities. If you know of anyone who would benefit from our services, do pass on our details.